• Tiếng Việt


  • 18-01-2016

PETECH is proud to be the first in Vietnam to sucessfully manufacture Waste Treatment Plant with PLASMA PJMI Technology.

Following are photos taken from PLASMA Waste Treatment Plant at Dong Anh - Hanoi with capacity of 300 tons per day. The system is still underconstruction but on Jan 13th 2016 an operating test has taken place with one ton of municipal waste was treated on site. The success of this operating test marked an important step of Vietnam in environmental solution in the international market that Vietnam has achieved an advanced technology in Solid Waste Treatment.

Installation of PLASMA system at Dong Anh - Hanoi (photo taken on Jan 5th, 2016)

Smoke Treatment System and 38 meter Cylindrical chimney. Works in sync with the plasma incinerator.

Fisrt incinerator has been installed completely with contron cabinet and power supply cabinet. (photo taken at Dong Anh - Hanoi on Jan 10th, 2016)

AC/DC power supply and control cabinets for PLASMA incinerator

Invited guests in the operating test of PLASMA incinerator on Jan 13th, 2016
Guests inside the control room while the PLASMA incinerator was under test running.

Small pice of slag, but marked one major turning point in the history of solid-waste and hazardous waste treatment for Vietnam: FIRST IN VN, SOLID WASTE WAS TREATED IN PLASMA INCINERATOR. The slag will be liquefied into asexual glass, safe for the environment. Exhaust gas (syngas) will be recycled for burning thermal power generation and the heat will be collected for drying waste before it enters the incinerator.
Plasma Pyrolysis is the modern technology of the world, dioxin emissions lower than traditional stoves to 10 times. In addition, Plasma Pyrolysis technology also considered to protect the environment in term of low CO2 emissions, NOx, SOx and contaminated ash, fly ash...

Before leaving, guests were given souvernirs which were a piece of the slag from the first ton of waste treated in the PLASMA incinerator in Vietnam.

Here is a short clip showing the slag was coming out of the Plasma incinerator during the test running on Jan 2016 at Dong Anh - Hanoi.