The project involves the design, supply, installation, and technology transfer of a 150-ton-per-day capacity municipal and industrial waste treatment plant in Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province.

The construction of the waste treatment plant in Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province, with a capacity of 150 tons per day, is the second project in Vietnam being implemented by Petech, applying their patented BioPlasma technology.

The BioPlasma technology is a breakthrough solution, replacing the traditional incineration method to effectively treat various types of solid urban waste, industrial waste, medical waste, low and medium-level radioactive waste, sludge, and hazardous liquid waste. Municipal solid waste (MSW) in Vietnam is a complex type of solid waste, and there is no single solution in the world that can effectively solve the MSW problem in Vietnam.

The BioPlasma technology by Petech is the only current solution to comprehensively address the MSW issue in Vietnam in a harmonious, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly manner. The cost of operating the BioPlasma system is the lowest at 16 USD per ton of raw waste, with the smallest land occupancy rate of 10 m2 per ton of raw waste, and most importantly, zero waste burial rate. The plant is called XLR Duyen Hai.

  • Nhà máy XLR Duyên Hải