Petech has established a medical plasma waste treatment plant in the Kien Giang province of Vietnam. The facility uses high-energy plasma to break down and sterilize contaminated medical waste such as needles and syringes, reducing the risk of disease transmission and protecting public health.

The plasma waste treatment plant in Kien Giang is equipped with advanced air pollution control systems and automated processes, ensuring that the treatment is safe, environmentally friendly, and compliant with all regulatory requirements. The facility has a high processing capacity, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for waste management companies and medical facilities in the region.

The expansion of Petech’s operations into the Kien Giang province is a significant step towards providing safe and effective medical waste disposal solutions in Vietnam. By using advanced plasma technology and adhering to strict environmental standards, Petech is helping to prevent the contamination of soil and water sources and protect public health.

The establishment of the plasma waste treatment plant in Kien Giang is expected to have a positive impact on the local community, reducing the risk of disease transmission and improving the overall quality of life. Petech’s commitment to using advanced technology and environmentally friendly processes underscores its dedication to protecting public health and the environment.



Petech Plasma Incinerator System