On March 10, 2022, the automated Fresh-40 public water station was installed in the area near Cau Tau 914, close to Dinh Chua Island, to serve both the local residents and tourists visiting the historical monument.

Key features of the water station:

– Number of water faucets: 02 (two)
– 02 (two) independent functioning faucets.
– Amount of water per use: From 50ml to 500ml (0.5 liters) by placing your hand on the sensor quickly or leaving it for a longer duration.
– Drinking water dispensing time: 1 second, after placing your hand on the sensor. Can be maintained for a maximum of 20 seconds (equivalent to 0.5 liters).
– Drinking water quality: Meets the bottled drinking water standards issued by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam (QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT).
– Filter replacement/regeneration cycle: 180,000 usage cycles (equivalent to 90m3 of water).
– Operating cost: Only 100 Vietnamese dong per liter of drinking water.
– Water treatment process: Raw water → Pressure Boosting Pump → Mineral Filtration → Fine Filtration → Absorption Filtration (Active Carbon) → UV Disinfection → Dispensing Faucet.
– Water filtration technology: Imported from Europe.
– Lifespan of  the Fresh-40 : 15 years.