FestiToil _ Series 4M8“Elevate Your Festival Experience, One Flush at a Time”.Features:
  • Specialized Public Restroom provider for Music Festivals, Trade shows, Outdoor Sports Competitions, and more….
  • One-piece module, easily installed within 30 minutes to form a cluster of 8 Toilets.
  • Self-Sufficient with water and electricity supply, equipped with sewage storage/ treatment tanks. Highly convenient for locations lacking water and power infrastructure.
  • Automatic water and liquid Soap dispensing Handwashing Basin.
  • Automatic sterilization and odor control within the toilet.
  • Well-ventilated design for fresh airflow, ensuring user comfort.
  • Constructed from premium materials: Aluminum alloy and Stainless steel combination for Lightweight yet ultra-durability.
  • FestiToil product comes at an affordable price point, with flexible payment options.
Specifications (Series 4M8).
  • Size: Width: 40 inches (# 1000mm). Length: 87 inches (# 2.200 mm). Height: 110 inches (# 2800 mm).
  • Toilet bowl: Premium porcelain (model: NV-905).
  • Sink: Stainless steel coated with porcelain/teflon.
  • Faucet: Automatic water-saving.
  • Liquid soap dispenser: Automatic metered.
  • Internally illuminated and externally indicated (Vacant/Occupied) with LED Lights,
  • Automatically turning on/off based on user presence.
  • Self-powered by Lithium Batteries, Providing enough energy for 1000 uses per single
charge. With 4 modules it can accommodate 4000 uses per single charge.
  • Includes a complimentary automatic charging unit, and/or Solar Power Kit (Installed on the roof of the toilet module).
  • Empty weight (Storage/ Transport): Approximately 330 lbs (# 150 kg)/ Module with 2 Toilets.

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